Bathroom Maintenance

There's more to maintaing a bathroom than cleaning it - having fresh caulking and well-working pipes matters.


Kitchen and Bath Renovation

Did you know that  updating a kitchen or bath adds value to your home and you will love it when its complete. We can help from just painting the room or changing the counter top to a complete renovation.

services list

We can solve all your house problems

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Our services

  • Carbon Monoxide Detector (installation, battery replacement)
  • Caulking.
  • Ceramic tile installation.
  • Counter top installation.
  • Concrete (shed slab, garbage can pad, patio, walkway, fence posts).
  • Crown Molding.
  • Deck repair.
  • Door (installation, lock repair/replacement, security view hole).
  • Door trim.
  • Drywall (installation, repair and texturing).
  • Electric (switch/plug installation or repair).
  • Faucet & toilet repair and installation.
  • Fence Gate repair and construction.
  • Fence repair, power-washing, staining.
  • Finish attics, basement & closets for extra storage or room to live.
  • Flooring installation.
  • Garage Door Opener installation (plug in only...which is normal since all houses come with an electrical outlet on the garage ceiling) & repair, remote keypad programming.
  • Garage floor painting.
  • Gutter repair & cleaning (single story).
  • HVAC ductwork. 
  • Kitchen & Bath remodeling.
  • Mailbox installation and repair.
  • Moulding & trim.
  • Painting (interior).
  • Smoke detectors.